Free Trade Union's Confederation of Tomsk region

Fundamental principles
of Free Trade Union's Confederation of Tomsk region

Primary organizations are acting on enterprises and committies are working on any problems of our living are a main links of confederation. These are services of confederation.

The primary organization is a main cell in activities and it spreads its acting on specific enterprise. This organization carries on talks independently, concludes agreements, comes to decision about carrying out any actions up to strike.

Associations are providing activity of confederation are services (labour inspection,juridical service, public control service, committies and departments.)

Confederation unites all working people of Tomsk region independently from their professions and also pensioners, students, home-workers, joblesses and etc.

Members of organization create associations (committies and departments.)for deciding concrete problems as to the protection of labor, social, economical, cultural and other civic rights and interests of confederation's members.

Confederation's members have possibility to work in several associations and take part in all arrangements and actions being organized by any services.

All members of confederation are informed about activity's plan of associations.

Associations decide problems independently as to the protection labor, social, economical, cultural and other civic rights and interests of confederation's members.

Confederation is working on the principles of self-organization of its members into associations.
Associations are able to unite each other and to co-oparate with other social organizations for solution of common problems. They can be divided as to method for a solution of the problem if there are cases differ in opinions of association's members.

Possibility of the confederation's members to create and to dismiss primary organizations independently is providing their control for the management.

Cardinal activity of confederation is building on the plans, that being worked independently.

Any self-organized group consisting of the confederation's members is able to create its acting plan on any problem.

There is not any centralized authority, decisions of one to be obliged for the members of trade-union. Managers in confederation are needed only for a qualitative coordination and for an aid of trade-union's members in their activity. Confederation had been built on the principles of self-realization and actions of the association's managers are impossible without a support of ordinary members, and that are determined by requirements of trade-union's members.

Executive bodies and chairman of confederation secure an aid in self-organization and activity of ordinary members of trade-union.

All principle questions are settling on a delegate conference of a primary organization and managers of bodies and associations.

Finances of confederation consist of the membership dues, on the whole, the greater part of it is using up on the activities of a primary organizations and associations. An account about centralized expenditure for the last time must be publish in the FTUC's newspaper and be report on a conference. Primary organization and members of associations have the right to collect an additional means. They can use theirs, as they want.

"Confederation come out against State in its activity"
"State is a system of violence "
Lenin V.I.
"State and people are enemies forever"
Borovkov S.L.

FOTO of Free Trade Union's Confederation of Tomsk region


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